As with all properties our cottages have their little quirks!

Hot Water

How water is supplied by a combi boiler which operates on a continuous flow system relying on mains pressure, please be careful as sometimes the water can gush out very suddenly, however you may need to run the water for some time before it gets hot. To ensure a reliable supply of hot water it is recommended that the shower and bath are not run at the same time. 

Any problems, please contact us.


Iron, Clothes dryer and hair dryer

The ironing board and clothes dryer are by the side of the wardrobe in the main double bedroom.

The hair dryer and Iron are in the wardrobe. 



Because we are in a small dip on the hill some of the waste outlets are powered by "saniflow" macerators. This means that some baths or showers are slow to empty and you may hear a "wirr" as they start up.

Please dont flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet.

Smart TV and DVD Player

All TVs are smart TVs. each TV also has a separate DVD player.

One remote for the TV and a separate remote for the DVD player.

You are welcome to login to your own Netflix, Amazon Prime etc account but please remember to log out when finished.